Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


Give the gift of Montana this holiday season! This specialty Christmas gift box includes our favorite holiday treats with a Montana twist.

Posh Chocolat Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee / Missoula
Posh Chocolat’s dark chocolate almond toffee is control aged to develop the perfect texture between soft grain and crunch that is so desirable in artisan toffee. 

Montana Nut Co. Cinnamon Almonds Bozeman
Simply made with sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla, these crunchy almonds make the perfect holiday sweet treat.

Madison Smokehouse Beef Jerky Ennis
The special brine and seasoning blend for the Madison Smokehouse original recipe is designed to bring out the best possible flavor of the meat. This is one for the straight carnivores. It’s not frilly, but it’s delicious.

KornUtopia Caramel Corn  / Missoula
If you have ever been to an event in Missoula, you have probably caught a whiff of KornUtopia's mouth watering kettle corn! The caramel for our featured caramel corn is scratch made with real butter, brown sugar and vanilla.

Noteworthy Paper & Press Holiday Card Missoula
Your personal note will be written in this hand drawn holiday card and printed by hand on antique presses at the Noteworthy letterpress studio.

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