Mini Snack Pack

Mini Snack Pack


Roam Free Bison Bites  / Hot Springs
Grass-fed, sugar free and made with organic ingredients, Roam Free Bison Bites cares about your health, the land, and welfare of our animals.

KornUtopia Caramel Corn  / Missoula
If you have ever been to an event in Missoula, you have probably caught a whiff of KornUtopia's mouth watering kettle corn! The caramel for our featured caramel corn is scratch made with real butter, brown sugar and vanilla.

Posh Chocolate Flathead Cherries & Anise Milk Chocolate / Missoula
In this decadent bar, Posh Chocolat combines 37% single origin milk chocolate with Flathead Cherries and Anise.

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